About Us

Having been in the business for over 10 years we have learned what is important to our customers and we are able to deliver it. Damage free towing is ultimately what everyone is looking for. No one wants to worry about the well-being of their vehicle when it’s being towed. Our trucks have low profile beds with custom built aluminum rollback features. This means your vehicle will be loaded up on a lower incline, eliminating dragging and scraping of bumpers, exhausts and body panels. Once your vehicle is on the bed we use soft touch nylon straps around all wheels to make sure the vehicle is safely locked in place while it is being transported.

Heavy Duty Towing is our speciality at OTC Towing Service. We have heavy duty wreckers/wheel-lifts to handle all types of towing situations. If you have a truck, tractor or tractor/trailer we’ve got you covered. OTC Towing Service has just the right mix of equipment to handle any situation that may come up. If not, we’ll steer you in the right direction.

OTC Towing Service

With our heavy and medium-duty truck towing fleet we can produce over 100 tons of pulling and lifting power. Extracting vehicles and equipment from insurmountable obstacles is our specialty. When you call OTC Towing Service, Inc. you will be directly connected to the truck tow operator that is going to help you. This way you can explain the situation and get everything you need in no time at all. With our expertise and time-saving tips, we can get the job done faster and more efficiently to save you or your company money. That’s the bottom line. You can throw anything at us from large heavy equipment and machinery to small box vans and semi tractor/trailers. We look forward to helping you any time!

OTC Towing Service, Inc. is equipped to tow and service all medium or heavy duty vehicles providing within the 48 states. We provide expert heavy duty truck towing across all places. We have the heavy duty tow trucks and equipment to handle any vehicle including semis, buses, RVs, tractor/trailers and heavy construction equipment.