How to recharge a truck air conditioner?

Riding the truck on hot, sunny days with a nonfunctional cooling system, is the most frustrating thing. It is the common problem if your truck’s AC is not working properly or the unit has a low refrigerant charge. Though to recharge the system is not a tough task, but for proper work done, you should take the help of the AC recharge professionals.

Below look for some tips if you want to recharge a truck air conditioner by yourself:

• First, there is a need for a recharge kit. Here, using the Interdynamics Arctic Freeze Recharging Kit as an example. Be sure that you wear gloves and eye protection in case of any accidents. Remove the plastic cap from the 14oz can of R-134a which is in the recharging kit.

• A/C systems have two tubing lines for both high pressure and low pressure; locate the low side port on the A/C system. Remember that the low side port will always be situated on the larger diameter tubing.

• Now, start the engine and turn the air conditioner to the maximum cooling with the fan set to the highest speed

• Check and also be sure that the compressor is running as it needs to be running to get the charge into the AC system.

• You should attach the hose from the bottle to the low side port. The gauge will show what the charge state right now of the AC system. Be careful while adding refrigerant into the system. Also, check the gauze to get the right amount of refrigerant into the AC system. Remember that gauge will show green for low, blue indicates filled, yellow for alert, and red color shows the overcharging.

• If you want to add more refrigerant then squeeze the trigger situated above the can.

• After recharging the AC unit, remove the hose and replace the cap. Now, the unit will be fully charged. If you are still facing troubles then contact AC recharge Owego professionals who can help you in recharging your AC system of the tuck.

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